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J-rock Body Part Claim!!
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Claim your favourite j-rock body part!

welcome to jrock_bodyparts community
Hi! Welcome to jrock_bodyparts, a claiming community for livejournal. In this community, you claim body parts of your favourite jrocker! C'mon, don't tell me you never wanted Miyavi's ass or Mana's hair. Now you can claim them!

Simply post, "I claim jrock member name's body part (Band/Ex-band)" and the mod(s) will check the claim list and add you if the character you want to claim is not claimed yet. But please. Read the Claims List before claiming!
001. Please, please, please check the claims list before making your claim! This is very important because many have been claimed already, and it would be useless for you to claim a jrocker's body part that has already been claimed and, it's just one big mess. So make our lives simple, ne?
002. Please avoid arguing about claims. You may drop a claim if you've no longer interest in one, or would rather claim another. Once a claim is dropped, it's free for anyone else to pick up.
003. Keep your journal active. It shows that you're still interested in keeping the claim. If your journal is completely deserted, we mods have the right to drop your claim because surely there are others who want it.
004. You may claim two body parts per LJ user.
005. Be sure to post your claim in the actual journal. Claims made in the comments pages will be ignored and your claims will not be listed.
006. Parts like hands and feet come as a pair, claim one get one free. xD It's better than claiming right or left alone as it could get complicated.
007. If they weren't born with it, or if it didn't grow on them in later years, you CAN'T claim it. Examples: tattoos and piercings.
008. Claiming hair IS allowed as it is 'part' of their 'body'.
JAny questions may be directed towards me, faburizu.

AIM: suki dayo no da

MSN: ix3trenchcoats@hotmail.com

You all are quite welcome to make your own icons stating your claimed Jrocker bodypart. I, unfortunately, cannot make any for you because I'm not all too skilled at Photoshop. But anyone willing to take the job of making banners/icons would be very helpful! ^^

<3 Feel free to talk about your favourite jrock body parts and anything related.

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